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Parent Applications and Links

Online Student Safety and Policies

Parent Web Applications Guide

  • Schoology (New)
    • Schoology for Parents - Help and Resources
    • Expanded classroom assignments information
    • Student Grade Details
    • Streamlined communications between parents and teachers/coaches
    • Contact Support
      • Support Link found at the bottom of the Schoology Page
      • Contacts will support all applications, not just Schoology
      • Schoology Status
    • Access now available
      • Parent Accounts have been created from parent Email addresses provided in FinalForms.
      • Parents receive an Email from with login information when the account is created.
      • If you have not yet received the email, please contact tech support.


  • Final Forms
    • Introduction and Resources for Final Forms
    • Online Forms
    • Update contact information for offices, teachers, and coaches
    • Information in Final Forms is used to help keep child information confidential by verifying parent information when setting up parent accounts such as Schoology or PowerSchool Parent portal