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CRT Television Disposal

We are in the process of removing CRT Televisions from our classrooms and other areas throughout the building.  These TV’s are approximately 20 years old and in working order.
•    Brand(s) Phillips and Zenith
•    Size(s) 27” to 32”
•    Connectivity RCA, S-Video, VGA and Cable/Antenna (No HDMI)
Can be connect to HDMI with an adapter available on Amazon.

These televisions will be made available at no cost beginning Monday, June 12, 2023. 
“First Come – First Serve”
Televisions must be picked up prior to Thursday, July 20th.  We will not be holding TVs for later pickup.  Any TVs not picked up will be recycled at a potential cost to the school.

For more information, please contact:
Jim Lee
IT Director
Montpelier Schools
Office: 419-485-6717
Email: (preferred)

Montpelier Families:
A reminder going into the next school year and some things to think about over summer:

  • Check if your children will require any needed immunizations for the upcoming school year.  This mostly applies to Kindergarten, 7th grade and 12th grade students.  Schedule your appointments sooner rather than later.  Once immunizations are complete, please send the records into school.  Letters have been sent home for reminders as well.
  • Any student who takes or will take a medication at school should have the required form completed and handed in as well. The school can provide you with this form.
  • If you wish to allow your child to take over the counter medications such as pain relievers or antacids at school, please sent in a note authorizing the school to administer the medication.  Even if this has been done, a new one needs to be on file each year.
  • If your child has special medical needs, please make sure they have necessary supplies on hand at school in case they are needed.  This includes special diets, health conditions and the need for extra clothes.

Have a healthy and happy summer!