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Online Student Safety and Policies

Due to the increasing use of technology, our students and children are increasingly exposed to information on the internet.  As parents and educators, there are a number of steps that we can and do take to help keep our students safe when they are using the World Wide Web.  At Montpelier Exempted Village Schools, we are committed to using all available resources at our disposal to make sure that our students are safe when online.  While we cannot stop every single threat, below are a list of ways that Montpelier Schools are, and you can be, keeping your students safe.  

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Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety

Student Chromebook Agreement

Tips for Student Protection 

  • Never share your passwords or personal information on websites or social media.
  • Online posts (social media, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, text messages, etc.) are permanent. If you don't want the world to see it, don't share it.
  • Do not include personal identifiable information with pictures or videos
  • To determine if an email is strange, or "too good to be true," ask an adult. 
  • Be cautious when interacting with individuals you meet on the internet.

Online Filtering Using School Resources

While no filtering is 100%, we use various tools to help monitor student's use of school resources.
  • Off-task Behaviors
  • Browsing Inappropriate Content
  • Bullying
  • Suicide Prevention
Go Guardian Parent
Parents can use this mobile app to monitor what students are browsing at home while using a school owned Chromebook and also limit what they are allowed to navigate to. 
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District Steps to Protect User Data 

Due to the changing nature of the internet, threats such as identity theft, phishing, and online fraud are ever increasing.  Additionally, companies increasingly buy, sell, and use personal information for profit and to create targeted advertisements.  In an effort to protect user data and privacy, the district is actively engaged in: 

  • Vetting school used websites and applications to ensure that they do not sell, distribute, or inappropriately use student information
  • Blocking websites and applications that are not in compliance with district standards for the handling and use of student information
  • Adopting Multi-Factor Authentication policies for staff and employees to minimize risks posed by hackers
  • Educating staff about risks posed by fraudulent emails, data breaches, and scams/phishing emails
  • FinalForms is used to verify parent/guardian contact information when setting up parent/guardian accounts that have access to student data such as Schoology and PowerSchool Parent Portal.