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Services Provided and Belief Statement

Belief Statement:

As a school counselor, I believe that:

  • All students are important
  • All students are capable
  • All students deserve respect

It is because of these beliefs that I find it important to make sure that I am available to help with students’ academic, career, and personal needs.  I believe that taking care of these needs assists students in rising to their full potential.  The comprehensive school counseling program is designed to meet these needs as well as provide advocacy for all students. 

Response services:

Individual and small group counseling are available to students in need.  This counseling is meant to be short term in order to help students identify problems and employ coping skills/strategies.  Also, emphasis is placed on setting goals and working through the steps to reach those goals. 

*School counselors do not provide clinical counseling but can provide resources to secure outside counseling.*

Student planning services:

Working individually with students, the counselor can address academic, career, college, and personal/social goals. 

Core curriculum services:

The school counselor will present classroom lessons to students on such topics as: career planning, social development, and academics.


What can your school counselor do for students?

  • Provide academic counseling
  • Provide individual counseling
  • Help with future planning
    • College
    • Military
    • Workforce
  • Offer advice
  • Help set goals
  • Listen
  • Help with conflict resolution
  • Offer support and encouragement
  • Serve as an advocate
  • Make referrals
  • Schedule classes


Confidentiality Statement:

Confidentiality is an ethical responsibility for the school counselor.  Students are reminded:

What you say in here stays in here except when:

  • Someone is hurting you
  • You want to hurt someone
  • You want to hurt yourself
  • Consultation is needed with another professional in order to help the student
  • A law is broken

As a mandated reporter, there are times when it is necessary to report something a student shares.  When those times arise, every effort is made to make the student understands why that information must be shared with someone else.