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Graduation Requirements


  • Total number of credits needed for graduation is 20.  Students must also meet state testing requirements and earn two or more graduation seals.  
English: 4 Credits Social Studies:  3 Credits

English 9

English 10

General English 11/CP English 11

General English 12/CP English 12

Global History

American History

Government/Financial Literacy

Math:  4 Credits

Health & PE: 1 Credit

Algebra I


Algebra II or Applied Algebra II

An additional math course

Health: ½ credit

PE I:  ¼ credit

PE II:  ¼ credit

Science:  3 Credits Electives:  4 Credits

Science 9 (Physical Science)


An advanced science course

Electives include courses from all areas not listed above.
  Fine Arts:  1 Credit


See Art and Music Electives


Testing Requirements Score Needed
Algebra I and ELA II 684 and up to meet competency
Biology, American History, Government 700 and up to earn seals
Geometry No minimum required


Graduation Seals

You must earn at least two graduation seals.