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Students in grades 7-12:
If you find that you would like to speak with me, when the time is appropriate, ask your teacher to see if I am available so I am aware that you are coming down to my office.  This will help cut down on the time students spend waiting outside my office and away from academics.  There are also forms hanging on my office door that you can use if I am not available.  Please fold and place the completed form in one of my mailboxes outside my office.  I will get back to you as quickly as I can. 

I am often with students or out of my office, so the most efficient way for me to communicate is via email.  I try to return emails and phone calls within 24 hours. 



Freshmen and Sophomores

As you are now settling into high school life, you must remember that your grades are extremely important. The biggest regret we always hear from our seniors during scholarship interviews is that they didn’t take their freshmen year seriously enough. Your GPA starts now. Also, with the rigorous curriculum and high stakes testing you are preparing for, it is even more important that you not only pass all of your classes, but do well in them. To earn an Honors Diploma you will need to meet 7 of the following 8 requirements: 4 units of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, 3 units of foreign language, 1 unit of fine arts, a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and an ACT score of 27. You will need to score well on your EOC tests to earn points and seals towards your graduation requirements. Sophomores, this is the year to consider taking the PSAT to get an idea of where you stand on a college-admittance practice test. Also, for any freshman or sophomore considering Four County, you must have at least 8 credits to apply; 5 of them must be in core classes. Check into the specific program requirements as well to make sure you are setting yourself up to be accepted into the program you want to be in.


This year is an important one. It is time to really start narrowing down your interests as you work towards finding the right career path. Consider the types of post-secondary education and decide if one of these paths is the right one for you (certificate programs, apprenticeships, two-year degrees, or a bachelors and beyond). Keep those grades up and start preparing for the PSAT/ACT/SAT. You will take the ACT this year through the school in February. You may want to consider taking it again in the spring or summer. Check in my office or on the bookshelf outside my office for a handout on testing dates, how to sign up, and study books. There are also plenty of online resources to help you prepare. Please spend time studying before you take these tests. Many scholarships are based at least partially on these scores at many colleges. A good rule of thumb is to plan to take the ACT at least two times. Also, you can take up to three college visits this year. You will want to use these days to check out your options. See me for more information on how to use your college visit days. There are forms in the high school office that you will need to fill out before you go to get your visits approved. We will have College Rep Visits this fall, so be watching your Schoology class group, your email, or my website for more info on those.


It’s finally here! You should be cracking down on your grades this year. Make it count! Now is the time to make those hard decisions about your future. What are you going to do after you graduate? For some of you, the work program may be a great option this year if you are on track to graduate. There are forms to fill out to be eligible for this program. You have two college visits this year. Be sure to fill out the visitation form before you go. You will want to use those days if you aren’t sure what school you want to attend. . There are forms in the high school office that you will need to fill out before you go to get your visits approved. We will have College Rep Visits this fall, so be watching your Schoology class group, your email, or my website for more info on those. Please start investigating your options now! College applications should be finished before Thanksgiving. Be sure to check deadlines as some are due as early as November 1st. If you apply to a college, you must let me know so I can send your transcript. If you think you MIGHT go to college, you will want to fill out the FAFSA which opens some time in December this year.  They are making changes to it, causing it to be delayed from its normal October date. You will want to complete this in order to attend college. We will have a meeting for you and your parents to help explain it one evening this fall. You will also want to start exploring scholarships as early as fall. I will post them on my website and on Schoology. Be sure to check often or set your notifications so you know when I post.

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