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Login / Logout

Normally, when you log on or log off of a Windows computer, you log on and log out of Lightspeed as well. However, there are situations where the normal Login / Logout is not available. For example, users on mobile devices will not be filtered with the normal filtering rules, but with restricted rules instead.

These devices may include:

  • Chrome Books
  • SmartPhones (iPhone / Android)
  • Tablets (iPad / Android)
  • Personal Computers
  • NComputing Workstations

In these situations you can login to Lightspeed at any time by entering the following URL:

You can logout of Lightspeedat any time by entering the following URL:

Wondering when that might come in handy? Here’s an example:

  • You are using one of the devices listed above and you have entered your username and password so that you can browse the web with the filtering rules that apply to your account. 
  • You do not want the browser tracking of the next user of the device tracked to your account.
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