Montpelier Music Boosters

May 2019

5-21-19  Montpelier Music Boosters Minutes


Attendance: Jodi, Laura, Chelsea, Dave, Diamond, Emily, Andrea


Approval of April Minutes:


Motions:  1st: Dave 2nd: Andrea Approval:  Yes


Correspondence:  Alexis Marihugh Lesnet thank you, Music Boosters thank you

Kimme Engles Music Boosters thank you

Lauer’s $100 patron membership

Lesnet family payment for Scholarship $250


Congratulations:  BGSU Jr High Honor Band- Jade Scott, Jamison and Tatum Grime, Meara McGee

BGSU Jr High Honor Choir- Jamison and Tatum Grime, Meara McGee


Treasurer’s Report:  No Report






Notes:  Senior Reception- $50 cookies need paid, Senior gifts ?, Jennifer S. still needs reimburse, Bryan Custom Cleaners large bill paid, need to still pay for the one separate cleaning.  Need to pay for summer uniforms at Bill’s Locker Room.


Motions:  1st: 2nd: Approval:


Old Business


Senior Reception Wrap UP  25 people, 2 seniors- no show, gave gifts on next day.  


Awards Wrap up Everything went fine - no needs at this time.


Summer Scholarships  With the trip coming in 2020, it was decided to pass on summer scholarships this year.  It is also too late to fill out and award to students for this summer.


Wish Lists-Laura’s were filled by the school.  Chelsea will ask for her money after Locomotion is in place and she has a fitting.  Rose retired so no needs from her. Will look at it in the fall with new instructor.  Katy with musical, purchased her’s through the school. Will look to help for the 2020 season after the trip is taken care of.


Motions:  1st: Emily 2nd: Dave Approval:  Yes


New Business


Rose Dockery Retirement- looking at making a pillow out of an old band uniform.  Jodi will contact Michelle Kannel to make it. Laura is looking for an old uniform.


Band/Locomotion Trip March 2020



March 12-17

Thur depart at 7:30 pm

Fri- no school for band students

Arrive home Tues- 6:30 am

Approx Cost $924 (53-55 people)

$953 (52 and under people)

1 bus - different company then last time

Chaperones will pay in full $924- only fundraisers and school accounts pay for discounts for students

*Activities- Riverboat cruise, wharf performance, live jazz venues, WWII museum, French Quarter

First payment due Sept 1

No online payments

Payment schedule will be sent out

Music Dept has made a deposit of $2500- from refund of last trip, $4000 for each fund for a total deposit of $10,500.  



Andrea Cummins is taking this on:

Gun raffles from the parents of band students not the music boosters- proceeds will be donated to the school.  Look for info on Facebook

Amazon fundraisers- Smiles program or Associate program- She is checking with Alysha Sloan and Academic Boosters to see if we can share the profits and then we will post it on the school web page under booster clubs and music boosters, too.

She has a list to solicit donations from area businesses and groups.  She has a letter prepared to send out. She is going to work out the details with Kim Friend- music booster treasurer to set this up.

Jodi is setting up soap sales to start at the beginning of the school year through the musical arts classes.

Cheese balls will be in the fall.

Preview show is going to be different- less baskets more active fundraising at event.

Pass the basket at all concerts.  This was also done for Disney.


Cedar Point Trip They are all set with this.


Majorette Warm Up taken care of- we approved to purchase it in August of 2017.  We returned it to Dezi.


Summer Needs

Order drinks for the 2019-2020 season- Jodi will check on needs before ordering more.



Motions:  1st: Diamond 2nd: Jodi Approval:  Yes


Upcoming Performances



Graduation- May 26 at 2 pm

Memorial Day- May 27 at 10:15 am gazebo at town hall


Next Meeting: August 12,  2019 @ 7 pm in the band room

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