Montpelier Music Boosters

October 2019

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Christmas Spirit Wear:


9-16-19  Montpelier Music Boosters Minute


Attendance: Kim Friend, Laura Zumbaugh, Chelsea Green, Jennifer Schlosser, Stephanie Mills, Amber Null, Erin McGee, Jodi Grime, Stacia Adams, and Mrs. Perkins


Approval of August Minutes: 


Motions:  1st: Kim 2nd: Jen Approval:  Pass


Correspondence: None 


Congratulations:  Great performance at the fair.  Successful opening at the Veteran’s Building for the fair.  911 Memorial display.


Treasurer’s Report:  


Savings:  $8378.22


Checking:  $6884.58


Scholarships  Paid out: Still need Dezi and Lauren’s paperwork for scholarship payment


Senior Banners  4 to be paid to Bexten Photography- Andy, Brittany, Adrianna, and Ali-paid


Laundry Soap update:  collected $10,050, expenses $7225, profit $2825, sold 280 pieces


Patron Program donation $500


Motions:  1st: Stacia 2nd: Jennifer Approval:  Pass


Old Business


Rose Dockery Retirement- looking at making a pillow out of an old band uniform.  Jodi will contact Michelle Kannel to make it. Laura is looking for an old uniform.  It is in the works as of now.


Secretary position-  will be talking to some new members to fill this position.  Stacia Adams has agreed to be the secretary Kim motioned, Jen second.   She was unanimously approved. She will begin next meeting.


Laura is looking to purchase new marching band uniforms through the school.  We are maxed out with the number of available uniforms. She presented her options to the boosters.  She asked for any suggestions or changes. All agreed, less white- dirtier quicker.


Band/Locomotion Trip March 2020



March 12-17

Thur depart at 7:30 pm

Fri- no school for band students

Arrive home Tues- 6:30 am


$953 (52 and under people)

41 students, 2 teachers, and 9 chaperones

1 bus - different company then last time

Chaperones will pay in full $953- only fundraisers and school accounts pay for discounts for students

All payments will be made to the school.  Checks should be made out to Montpelier Schools.  

School will make one payment in the future.  

*Activities- Riverboat cruise, wharf performance, live jazz venues, WWII museum, French Quarter

Payment schedule will be sent out

October 1 payment will be made by the music department. $250 per student.  Chaperones still pay.

Nov 1- all participants payment due $250 each

Music Dept has made a deposit of $2500- from refund of last trip, $4000 for each fund for a total deposit of $10,500.  



Update:  Gun raffles from the parents of band students not the music boosters- proceeds will be donated to the school.  Look for info on Facebook Thank you Dena Moor and Leslie Mason. This will be drawn on Sept 30.  All money due by then.


Update:  Laura/ Kim- She has a list to solicit donations from area businesses and groups.  She has a letter prepared to send out. She is going to work out the details with Kim Friend- music booster treasurer to set this up.  Laura has a Disney letter that was sent out.  Still need to be sent out.


See dates below:

Jodi is setting up soap sales to start at the beginning of the school year through the musical arts classes.  Delivery Monday, September 23.  Pick up 3:30-6:30 pm


Cheeseballs will be in the fall. See below


Preview show is going to be different- less baskets more active fundraising at event.  November 3, 2019.  Less baskets more games to participate in.


Pass the basket at all concerts.  This was also done for Disney.


Little Ceasar packets-see below


Marcos possible profit of $400 a time


McTeacher Night November 2 from 5-7 pm.  


T shirt sales both now and in Nov/Dec for Christmas gifts - watch emails for information for ordering.  Will include scrunchies and spirit socks.


Need to raise $10,000 to $12,000 to pay for 1 payment for all students.  Currently at $3000.


Montpelier Music Boosters 2019-2020 Fundraisers


Laundry Soap- August 23- September 6

Delivery- Friday, September 20  


Little Cesar Pizza- October 4-18

Delivery October 30


Cheeseballs- October 30- November 8

Make cheese balls- Nov 16, Nov 22-24

Olde Tyme Holiday Gathering Craft Show Nov 23

Delivery- Monday, November 25


No Christmas Sales!!!

Nov 25- Dec 6

Make cheese balls-Dec 14

Delivery- Mon, Dec 16


Future- need to fundraiser each year for trip not just trip year.

Ideas:  Garage Sale, donations to Savers in Cleveland, Ohio



Motions:  1st: Kim 2nd: Stacia Approval:  Passed


New Business


Laura- Dash for cash at a football game.  Dress up in Locomotion uniforms. She will ask Joe for approval.


15 people participating for alumni band class of 1972-2019.  Will do every other year with Jr high band. Off year Jr High band will do a pep night at a basketball game.


Chelsea- Locomotion will do concessions for craft show at Olde Tyme Holiday Gathering.  


Looking at alumni performance at Bean days parade.


Motions:  1st: Kim 2nd: Jen Approval:  Passed


Upcoming Performances


9/18 Homecoming Parade 7:30 pm bus garage

9/20 Home Homecoming/Alumni Night 

9/27 at Edon

10/4 at Tinora

10/11 Home

10/18 at Ottawa Hills

10/25 Stryker

11/1 Home Senior Night


Preview show Sunday, November 3- games such as Heads/tails, etc, tickets for baskets, 50/50 with decks of cards, ring toss game, etc.  ½ chicken dinner from Norm Hiler, baked potato Millers, green beans, Life skills class making desserts- possibly- need to ask


Hosting all county on Feb 19-20.  Will be adjudicated by our own alumni and spouse Melissa and Chris.  We will provide lunch/snacks. Pam retired instructor from Swanton will be adjudicating for Jr High.  


Motion to adjourn:  Kim, second:  Erin,   Approval:  Passed


Next Meeting: Monday, November 18, 2019 at 7 pm in the Band Room


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